Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Winter Wash N Go

I have a love affair with wash n gos. I admit it. 
The girl who used to loathe them because they just did not look right has now a thing for em. 

I love seeing my actual curl pattern(s). This was achieved using Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue as a styler.
I think I may like their stylers for winter wash n gos.. well some. 
I used Tresemme Naturals as a leave in 
I prefer using the Mixed Silk.. hair feels more moisturized. 

This was probably day 2/3 after being outside in the wind and rain.
I like to do my wash n go's when its cold outside the day before I plan on rocking it.
So I do it the afternoon before, giving it time to fully dry before heading out.
I apply a leave in and seal with oil before applying the styler.
I applied the Meringue in four sections.

Shrinkage at it's finest!

Back in the day, the shrinkage was too real. I don't even hate shrinkage but the different curls I have in my head.. man I couldn't rock WnGs after awhile. Right when I BC'd? sure. but then my hair grew..
Anyways.. WnG is a style I now rock.

Love wash n gos? Rock them in winter? 


  1. I love WnG's as well but I kinda strayed from them because I have waaay to many different curls in my hair and the tangles are REAL! I would say the nape of my hair is probably my biggest problem because the curls there are alot looser than the rest of my hair and the crown is the tightest! Go figure I love my hair anyway!

    BTW have you tried Miss Jessies Leave-in Condish yet?

    1. The nape of my hair has the kinkiest/not much curl there and the sides are the loosest. Crazy how that is

      No I haven't! I keep seeing it on Instagram.. I'm thinking of ordering it since it's on sale.. would have to get someone to ship it to me though since I'm in the UK right now.