Monday, November 4, 2013

Artiste Spotlight - Jane Macgizmo

Today's spotlight is on Jane Macgizmo
She's really a 'Jane of all trades'
Photographer, Model, Producer, Creative Director, Magazine Editor + how many more!
Real Jamaican with the bagga jobs :) and now she's blessing the world with another talent
Artwork by Janile Salmon

She just released her first single "Black Skin" on Soundcloud & I'm smitten.
Yes she's gorgeous and her voice matches the looks.
The track is in the realms of neo-soul with a Jamaican flavor (of course)
Produced by SOS Dynamiks, the beat is infectious.
I'm excited to see where Mizz Macgizmo goes with her music, but for now take a listen.
Enjoy =)

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