Monday, April 14, 2014

Deep Conditioning - It's a Wrap!

Ah, deep conditioning.
Is it weird that I love this part of wash day?
It's the aftermath of the storm that is detangling. 
It's the time where I can slap on a concoction and leave my hair to soak in all it's goodness.
I love a good homemade DC.
Check out some of my faves here & here.
I don't use heat when I deep condition because I don't have a hooded dryer 
if I did, I don't have the patience to sit underneath one for that purpose.
Ain't that deep for me. (see what I did there?)
So I prefer to use my own body heat and slap on plastic bags
(because my hair can't fit under plastic shower caps + it's more economical to recycle the bags)
then a warm hat.


a turban.
I feel one should deep condition and feel  look fabulous at the same time.
The plastic bag situation by itself is not a good look and even though I may not leave my house,
you never know who might decide to Skype or FaceTime.

Do you wrap your hair when you DC or leave it be?


  1. LOVE the ankara turban look!

  2. I love your tuban^^ (mine has a leopard on it...).
    Usually I would wrap my hair with a plastic bag before using a turban,so that my leopard stay dry...I don't know if using a plastic bag is safe,but my hair stays still and drinks all the conditioner so that's fine!