Tuesday, October 12, 2010



I've realized I'm not into this whole blogging thing.
I'm only writing this post because i remembered I have a blog & i figured heck why not but ugh
 i'm not motivated.

I find it somewhat disturbing to pour out my emotions via the net for whosoever to see.
I know my blog can be about whatever but a blog is very personal and shares a good chunk of myself with the world.
i'm not big on sharing myself with the world.

anyhoo, this is a big rant.
i figure i should use this since i created it.

how exactly? idk.

random rants from here to there until i figure out what exactly i care to share with the world
i dont want people to think they know e through reading this blog


ok so....... yeah alritey.

I'll blog about my observations of the world around me.

? hopefully that semi interesting. who is reading this anyways? no one for now so hahaha
i'll have fun with this while it lasts.


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