Friday, March 2, 2012

Daily Fix of Hair

Its Me again. No need for excitement guys. Lol I kid.

This is a Wash n Go. I made a video to go along with it but uhm... I don't like it :|
So I'll just have to type.

later in the night

I decided to try my hand at another WnG..
Co-washed with Giovanni 50:50 Hydrating-Calming Conditioner
Left it in for about 2 mins then rinsed out.

Used Tresemme Anti Breakage as a leave in. Wanted to try something new.
Here's the kicker.. I then applied Cantu Super Shine Hair Silk.
I've had the bottle for over a year.. used to use it when I was relaxed/transitioning but had no need for it while being natural. Decided to try it as a product to weigh my hair down and seal in the moisture.

It worked!

Best wash n go since I had a TWA. I don't do WnGs because my hair is layered and has multiple curl patterns so I usually end up with a square looking thing on my head. No Bueno.

Hair still shrunk up but it was the back part of my hair which always does that. The rest of my hair pretty much stayed at a decent length.