Monday, February 27, 2012

Is Anything I'm Doing Brand New?

Who remembers that Drake joint? Loved it!

Anyways this post isn't about Drake or music. It's about dum dum dum.... HAIR!
I've been browsing blogs all up and down the place today and I've noticed an insurgence of blogs that cater to natural hair. I find it cool because I never saw this much when I started my transition and it seems as if everyone has gotten the 'natural hair" memo.
Now I'm not going off on a tangent about how everyone is doing it & blah (that's another post.. one I probably won't do) I'm just wondering what's new in the natural hair community?

Maybe because I'm not at the start of my natural hair walk, I feel as if a lot of the information I see out there is repetitive. If I was currently transitioning or just did the BC, all of the stuff I come across would be very helpful but now most of the things I see I skip over because it's things I've read before.
The blogs are still helpful in the styling aspect (which I'm still having a hard time grasping.. I'm no good at doing styles :| ) & product reviews (I've got a thing for product reviews)

Am I the only one out there feeling so?


  1. I agree with you, everything is pretty much the same. I usually just scan blogs or youtube videos for styling inspirations.

  2. Amen girl! I've been battling with that same issue lately... but one thing that keeps me going is the fact that my blog is also a personal diary to myself, tracking memories that are often lost with the past. I also started to food blog and get quite personal in 2012 which I think has made it more fun! LOVE your blog


  3. Hi Cinni. I am new in this journey. 11 months post BC. The last time I was natural was in the 70's(I'm 50) when all there was available was a pick and hair grease. It is such a blessing to have wonderful women like yourself, the blogs,Youtube and websites that share so much information. It can be overwhelming at times because everyone can't explain things in simple terms and there are questions that I couldn't figure out how to ask until I realized the answer on my own such as "Is a leave in a moisteriser and can it be used daily?" Well I've learned alot,read alot and still learning but i apprecite the time and sharing from the women in the natural hair community. P.S. You're my hair twin so glad I found you.