Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Artiste Spotlight

Protoje - Jamaican reggae artiste who brings positive music to the people has just released a music video for his song "Our Time Come" featuring hit producer Don Corleon  (who is also his cousin).

I first heard the song on his second mixtape This Is Protoje and fell in love. The beat  + the lyrics just had me and I would constantly have it on repeat. The fact that a music video was made for it completely made my day.

Initially the first couple seconds of it had me thinking "greeaaattt, they copied that whole "Look at me on tour bit mixed in with some personal stuff about me" kinda vibe" (think Nicki Minaj "Did It On Em" & Rihanna's "Cheers") but as the vid went on that thought flew out of my mind. It really embodies the song about how his time has come and it shows in a documentary type style of how he has gone about to promote his music & others' music as well.
In parts, you see him toting around a backpack handing out copies of his mixtape and best believe that's no show. I had the privilege of seeing Protoje live at his keyboardist's final year show at Edna Manley School of Arts AND I met him :) Homeboy surely had his backpack and proceeded to hand my friends & I copies of his first mixtape. Already had a copy though *shrug*

Protoje has carved a deep niche in the reggae world and he isn't stopping there. This video also showcases how far Jamaican artistes have come with their music videos. Protoje & his team have done it again with another great vid. 
This single will be on his upcoming sophomore album '8 Year Affair' and the video is an awesome insight into Protoje's hard work & come up + what to expect from the record.

If you haven't copped This Is Protoje, you can do so by visiting 
Check out the Our Time Come vid below
Enjoy =)

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