Monday, February 13, 2012

Winter Blues

I'm getting a lil blue y'all. I've been enjoying my first actual winter season but my hair has been like "Errrrrrr say what now?!"

It takes a minute for my hair to dry, I don't have a hooded dryer & I rather not use my blow dryer. I want to refrain from using heat for as long as I can. I did a good job at not using heat on my hair but this weather seems to call for it. To combat this, I am thinking of putting in a protective style in the form of extensions.

Yarn Twists.

Now I did say I would never do the style again because it took me ages to put in ( a week.. only cuz I did really small sections at a time during the summer when I had nothing else to do) but it was the take down that had me like "Forget this style".
It's the only style I know how to do though and I love the look of it. I figured to make it easier on myself I would twist the yarn this time versus braiding it. Less time on the takedown.

I came across this lovely pic on Tumblr and it really solidify my decision to do the style.
Now the only thing is.. when will I actually do it?? Hmmm....

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