Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Bob's Birthday

Today marks the anniversary of the icon Robert Nesta Marley's birthday.
Longtime readers know I'm a Bob fan & it is only right that I have a Bob post for today.

Bob Marley contributed greatly to reggae music, paving the way for many artistes.
His name is synonymous with feel good music while his face is one that adorns countless tees.
Not to be degraded to just irieness and fashion, Bob Marley was a conscious artiste whose music speaks on the issues of society while pushing positivity.

Robert Nesta Marley is a great Jamaican figure who is adored by millions.
He is a role model and inspiration for many musicians, not just those of the reggae genre.

His legacy lives on through his music, his children & grandchildren.
Blessed Earthstrong Bob!

Take a listen to The Heathen performed live by Bob Marley & The Wailers.
Check out Bob's trademark denim suit and the head wraps of the I-Threes as well.

Enjoy =)

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