Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Candidly Speaking

Greetings Lovelies! 
I'm so pleased to share this Candidly Speaking with you all.
After playing email tag for almost a year with this lovely lady, I finally got ahold of the woman behind the popular blog 
Hi-ImCurrentlyObsessed - Nicole!
I'm pretty sure every lady (& a decent amount of gents) are familiar with this tumblr.
TONSSSSS of gorgeous pics of women with textured hair that provide inspiration, motivation and a bit of envy.
So get comfy and get to know Mizz Nicole
Enjoy =)

Continue for the good stuff!

When & why did you decide to start your blog?

I started hi-imcurrentlyobsessed in August of  2010. Judging by the name I decided on you can already assess that it was intended to reflect images pertaining to whatever I was currently enveloped in. What was in my heart at the time was learning to accept my natural hair! It consumed my thoughts & all my free time + images I had collected from every where had taken over my computer lol. My blog was like additional storage space for me to hoard these images! I didn't anticipate so many other people sharing my obsession lol. 

How has your blog affected you?
The platform that I have been allowed through my blog and all things hair has been amazing! It has enlightened my life on many levels. I've loved the process of learning about natural hair and being in a great position to pass on what I've learned to others. I've networked with people who appreciate my blog and some of those relationships has evolved from being just online corresponding to friendships! I'm so very grateful having accomplished my goal of being able to accept my natural hair and love how it enhances my personal style.

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?
The goal was to disprove the notion that natural hair is ONLY wild and crazy and inappropriate. In contrast, that it is that and more! I specifically wanted to highlight natural hair as being GLAMOROUS - how it compliments fashion & all the trends. Me being newly natural at the time I was concerned that rocking textured hair would hinder my personal style. My blog became a labor of love with a string tied close to my heart lol. 

So let's talk about hair.. You're a fellow curly girl so please do share your regimen!
In the length of time I've been natural I've been pretty consistent with my same routine and products. I was determined not to become a PJ (product junkie). That and the obsession with retaining all my length I played it really safe with products and style over the last couple of years!  
I wash weekly- my process starts with finger detangling & pre-pooing for an hour or two using either EVOO or Coconut Oil before shampooing and conditioning in the shower. My shampoo and conditioner are usually from the Curls line of products or the Shea Moisture line! 

I particularly like the Curls Cleansing cream, it smells divine and even though its sulfate free it does satisfy one's desire for suds lol. However lately I've implemented the Shea Moisture Yucca and Baobab line (the one with the green labels) since its geared towards thin and fine hair. I deep condition often! 
Currently, In an effort to be more conservative with how much I spend on hair products, I take the simple DIY route when choosing a product to deep condition my hair.  Usually I just add some castor oil to some conditioner & wrap my hair up to lock in the naturally derived heat. 
Late 2011, I realized that I had completely neglected to do protein treatments to my hair & had a theory that it must have something to do with why I wasn't satisfied with my growth. I've since added regular treatment using the Giovanni Smooth as Silk Extreme Protein Infusion pack to my regimen. That and other minor tweaks in styling techniques has dramatically improved my natural hair experience! 

From the time I first embarked on my natural hair journey I have been diligent about protecting my hair! I try to balance learning to style and enjoying my natural with keeping it locked away months at a time in a protective style! I am not skilled at all with flat twisting or corn rowing despite my effort so my go to protective style of choice has always been some kind of weave! 
Say what you may, but it's just what I like and what works best for me! Until I have the length my heart desires that's just how it's gone be! 
Granted, I do like to rock hair that mimick the likes of natural hair and I'd like to think it does my venturing sense of style well lol

4 words to describe your mane.
My strands are FINE
and they are SPARSE, but it SLICK down  like no other and I am in love with it when my WAVES are on swim 

5 things you're loving at the moment.

1. Lipsticks! It compliments my lil fro so well! 
2. Midi rings
3. Wigs and closures
4. Boyfriend jeans
5. Instagram! Since I don't have a personal blog this will have to do.

Candidly speaking.. 

"There are no ugly women, just lazy ones"- Helena Rubenstein


  1. Glad to see Nicole get a feature! I've been a fan of her tumblr for a while and she's definitely one of my favorite online friends! Kudos...

    1. I'm happy she agreed to it. Been a fan for a minute

  2. Yay! LOL @ waves on swim. Soooo true. I've seen them in person and they make me kinda dizzy! Finger detangling for an hour or two. Lawd, you're good! Well its paid of cause your hair is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! :) ...