Thursday, February 21, 2013

Product Review

Hey Lovelies!
Finally getting around to doing this review.
I was sent this Smoothing Balm by Haven Organics.

Haven Organics is an organic hair care company based in the UK.
Check out the website here
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On the website this is said about the product:

Haven Organics luxurious balm leaves tresses smooth, shiny and frizz free.
Using a one of a kind NATURALLY derived silicone extracted from mushrooms, it creates a velvety, silky feel to the hair but without the build up synthetic silicones can cause, giving you the ideal grooming experience.

The smoothing balm is for heat styling specifically for blow drying hair. The concept of the product is great. All natural, organic ingredients to protect hair from the heat and to provide a smooth silky feeling.

I've used the product... but not for heat styling. 
Say What?!! I know. 
How am I suppose to review this product when that's what it is for...
Because I can!

I initially did plan on using it the way it is intended. I received the product around 2 months ago and I was waiting to use it when I was going to get my hair straightened. 
(Post on that soon)
My hair plans didn't exactly work out how I wanted them to so I didn't end up using it but I wanted to try it out because I had it around.

I used for refreshing purposes, i.e when I felt my hair needed a moisture lift of some sort.

The balm is light and has a lotion consistency. It isn't oily and a little goes a long way. I liked using it on my ends and my edges when they were feeling a bit dry. I would also do a few pumps and apply on my hair.

Manicure needed!

My issue with the product is the smell! Oh my land. Initially it smells fine, perfume like.. almost reminded me a bit of the Shea Moisture Yucca Growth Milk. When I rub it in my hands to apply to my hair, it smells like cooking oil. It's very annoying. I have to find something that smells better to put on my hair to take away from the smell.

I wouldn't purchase this product, not because of the smell because I feel it would go away if you were using it to protect your hair from blow drying. It's because it's main purpose is for heat styling and I don't use heat. I use heat once a year and I have a staple product for that which has silicones. 
I'm one of those girls that prefer silicones when it comes to heat styling.

So for those out gals out there that like to blow dry their hair for straight styles or just to stretch it and you want an all natural protectant, I say try it out! 
Let me know how it worked for you.

SN- I'm giving it to my friend who blow dries her hair to stretch it so when she uses it, I'll give an update on how it worked for her hair

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