Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Whipped Shea Butter

Hiya Lovelies!
I decided to make my very first whipped shea butter blend the other day

I normally use raw shea butter straight from the container 
but the last tub I ordered came in blocks rather than filling the jar, making it harder for me to use even with oil on my fingers

So I decided to take the plunge and do a whip!
Now I've seen most people use a hand blender and I don't have one, so I went searching for the method that would work best with a whisk.
I used this method from LabMuffin here


Raw Shea Butter
2 tablespoons of Almond Oil
1 Tablespoon of Vatika Coconut Oil
10 drops of Tea Tree Oil
6 drops of Rosemary Oil
2 drops of KBB Heavenly Jojoba Oil

1. I melted down the shea butter to an oil by placing a bowl over a hot pot of water.

2. I then put the bowl in the fridge for around 2-3 mins (duration of a song lol)

3. took it out and placed the bowl on top of ice water and added my oils.

I then proceeded to whisk!

The mixture was so fluffy and I was so happy..
when I stopped whisking to grab my camera...
the whole thing clumped on the whisk :(

to be fair, my house wasn't really heated so the cold air made it clump quickly 
and I feel that the Vatika oil helped in that area as well.

I was disappointed that it wasn't all creamy like I've seen for others.
It's more of a pomade than a whipped fluffy bit but it is easier to use now and it melts easily between my fingers.

I'll try another batch later on, when this is almost done without the Vatika Oil.
I've been using it on my hair & ends and I'm liking it.

Have you ever done a DIY whipped shea butter? How did it turn out?


  1. ohhh yes me and my hair likes whipped shea butter :D

  2. hello
    Where did you buy the shea butter from?

    1. hi :)
      I bought it off of Amazon.. Amazon UK to be exact. I always buy mine from there.

      A seller called Naissance