Saturday, October 5, 2013

Artiste Spotlight - Mapei

Haven't done one of these in a proper minute
but today's spotlight is on Mapei

I came across her through my Flipboard app. I saw that pic and thought "who is this chick with the luscious curls??" 
Tap on the article and find out she's a singer who just released a single 'Don't Wait'
In doing more research to find more songs (and pics of her hair)
found out she was an "Artist to watch" in the LATimes in 2009
Somehow she dropped off the radar and now she's back 

This Rhode Island born, Swedish bred woman has an infectious voice and the track is one that I shall have on repeat. I really am hoping to see an EP or mix tape from her soon as I feel it will be something great.
Get into it below. Enjoy =)

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