Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Straight Road Ahead

So its Winter time and I want to straighten my hair.
Nothing new or out of the ordinary for that.. many naturals get the itch to around this time. The cool weather just sends some message to us that says... "let it be pressed".
Now since I've cut off my relaxed ends I haven't straightened my hair. I haven't even done a blow out.

*insert gasp*

I pretty much treated Heat like the ugly stepchild and did away with it. Hardly even used it for deep conditioning treatments, diffusing, nada. Why? Well simply because 
1. I was scared of heat damage & 2. I just couldn't be bothered to do it especially since I was living in Florida. I didn't want to spend time into getting it all smooth and flat only to have it revert in no time. No sir, No ma'am.

Now that my hair is longer I want to give it a go. I think I've watched enough Youtube tutorials and read up on heat damage preventative measures to have a go at it. I'm also very curious as to what it would look like. My only thing is, I'm currently in Florida.. one of the reasons why I didn't attempt it sooner lol. I'm still gonna try.. I've put in my head that its ok if it fuzzes up.. I'll just work around it.

Toya's twitpic of her natural hair flat ironed. All hers!

I bought the Carol's Daughter Chocolat Smoothing Collection to do it. Figured why not treat my tresses since its the first time I'm straightening it since I've gone natural. Cause for celebration!
Check out KisforKinky's post here on it & Elle of QuestForThePerfectCurl review on it here.

Now all I need to do is buy a flat iron.. I loaned it to someone last year and never got it back...
Another reason I didn't attempt to straighten it. I entertained the idea of doing a roller set then silk wrap to get it straight buuttttt I suck tremendously at roller sets. Even when I was relaxed, could never get the hang of it.

So flat ironed hair is on my to do list for the holidays.  How about you guys? Thinking of taking the plunge into the heat pool and emerging with swing swang hair?

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  1. For the past week, I've been thinking about straightening...but I'm hesitant because I don't trust anyone to straighten it for me the last person caused permanent heat damage...it took a long time to grow out & cut off the damage. I'll either do it myself (never done it before), or wait until I find a reputable natural hair salon...I'm curious to see what my hair will look like :)