Thursday, December 1, 2011

Clean an Out!

Weekly post done by Shonique D. Thomas of She is a student at the University of Florida currently studying Marketing. Shonique has a passion for fashion so her weekly posts will be fashion oriented. 

Disclaimer: Before I even get into the topic at hand, I want to apologize for failing to commit to my weekly fashion posts promise! I swear, I am not a flake, but I have been absolutely overwhelmed with school, especially with exams right around the corner! I am so sorry and I feel absolutely horrible!
I want to begin by first saying that when the harem pants trend first surfaced, I was a major fan! I quickly realized that it would be one of those love/hate trends – no neutral feelings. Initially, I only liked it on others – a lot of celebrities rocked it so effortlessly.

 Over a time, I started to wonder if I could pull it off and this curiosity encouraged me to shift outside of my comfort zone and venture further into the realms of fashion. 

Above is a picture of my first attempt at the harem pant trend (left)! Unfortunately, I don’t have any individual pictures, because interestingly enough, I’m always the one behind the camera. I always regret it the next day when I have nothing to show for last night’s attire!

Now on to the next issue!
I am tired of the harem pant trend! I am completely over it! Possibly, because it is no longer unique – everyone is in it! Also, I am constantly seeing it so badly worn that I’m turned off! So, where I’m at right now is that I’m leaving the harem pant trend to those just catching up and moving on to something new!
So, what exactly have I moved on to? Can you keep a secret? Promise? Wide-legged pants!
Now, wide-legged pants is not for everyone, as are most trends. The trend first started resurfacing around January of this year, and as you can see it still is not well-represented on the streets. Personally, I like that. I like being the odd girl, wearing the odd item of clothing, and standing out – be it good or bad!

I don’t want to make this post too long, so we’re going to wrap up with couple tips on how to wear wide-legged pants, in my opinion of course:
  • With heels! Flats just don’t complete the look for me.
  • With a slim-fitting top to balance out the volume of the bottom half. A soft, flowy blouse can also work, but I would advise one to break up the look by wearing a waist-cinching belt.
  • You can also go completely 70s and wear it with a pair of platform shoes.

With love, Shonique D. Thomas.

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  1. I like Kristen's wide leg jeans here. I just scored a really cute pair of light washed high waisted wide legged jeans at h&m for $30. I love finding great cheap jeans.