Monday, November 12, 2012

RoseBOX UK Launch

Hello Lovelies!
Last week Thursday, I left lil ol Crewe & traveled to London town for the launch of RoseBOX UK.
RoseBOX is a subscription service that offers ladies who have kinky, curly, wavy & multi textured hair the opportunity to try out hair products not widely available in the UK.
So if you live in the UK, sign up! Head over to the site here & don't delay!

I was excited when I heard about this service being launched so I took up the opportunity to attend the launch.
The support was great as there were many faces present. I met some incredible ladies that night.

Rose of RoseBOX UK showcasing a sample box & answering questions.

Peep more pics from the event after the jump

CrystalAfro of United KINKdom & Rachy of UKNaturals

Mock up of roseBOX

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