Thursday, January 16, 2014

Twist n Curl

So that style I told y'all bout after I dyed my hair..
Yea this is it.
Shockingly I've never done this before. I've had flexirods for over 2 years now and never really used them. They aren't comfy to sleep in but the payoff is worth it and this is going to be a staple style for me.

Applied Mixed Silk Leave In mixed w/ SM Restorative Condish as leave in
KBB Heavenly Jojoba Oil as oil
SM Curl Enhancing Smoothie as Styler
Kept in the flexi rods the following day (wasn't going anywhere)
Took them the out the day after that.
Don't remember how many twists. Around 14 I think.

My hair looked so good! And felt good! And still feels good! (haven't washed my hair yet lol)
The fact that the ends being curled up has helped me keep my hair moisturized for 2 weeks is lovely.
I maintained the style by having my hair in a low loose ponytail and then popping on my satin scarf.
No re twisting or nada

Have you ever used flexirods? 


  1. Hhmm you've now inspired me to throw some flexi-rods in my hair tonight/this morning. But ur right, they aint comfy for sleepin....but it could be worth it...we'll see.