Monday, October 10, 2011

Daily Fix of Hair

Today's fix is in video form. Ta dow! Switching it up on y'all ;)
Ever wonder what your fave blogger's voice sounds like? How they look like as a real human being? (yea i said it.) Well this did that for me!
It is a Levis Curve ID vid with KurlyBella of kisforkinky & Nikia Phoenix of modelliberation.

Kisforkinky is an amazing site, if you didn't know... SHAME ON YOU! That site inspired me to start blogging. Kurlybella's hair is the biz for shiz + her style game is off the chain. (Yes I rhymed & I'll do the time) Somebody stop meh :P
and back to the post.
Nikia Phoenix has made me long for freckles & her TWA always has me re thinking cutting it all off but then I snap back to reality & keep breathing.

I now wanna hop into a Levis store, get fitted for my curves & shimmy down the sidewalk.

Enjoy =)

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