Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Me Doth Wants

For the lil time I've been in the UK, I have noticed their attention for caring for the planet & consciously implementing a "green" lifestyle. More so than the US I might add.

I see recycling bins next to regualr waste bins and most shoppers with their own reusable shopping bag.
I'm very impressed.

I need reusable shopping bags or just one big one especially when I go grocery shopping. I dislike getting plastic bags (even though I reuse them as garbage bags) but I notice I accumulate a lot.

In comes, BAGGU.
I came across them via ourcitylights.org <--- AHmazing blog.

They have a wide selection of resuable shopping bags, different prints and colors alike.
The bags are cute enough to use as a regular day bag!

They also stock backpacks & kits that you can use to store knick-knacks.

the one I'm looking at

Check out the site. Really, really good!

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