Thursday, October 6, 2011

CANDIDly Speaking

This Feature is on Valón Thorpe - young photographer out of Kingston Jamaica. 
I've known this guy for sometime now but I was really captivated by his work during his promotion of a party he put on in Jamaica called VIVID alongside Ramona Sirju (photo below of both)

The promotional concept & the eye catching flyers photographed by him was something refreshing. 
This hilarious individual is a talented man & I wanted to do a bit on him so Enjoy =)

3 words you would use to describe yourself.
Driven, Whimsical. Innovative

What do you do?
Well I really am just a final year undergraduate student. I study Geography. And no, my ambition isn't to be a weatherman or a school teacher. Lol. I wanna do GPS work and urban planning but photography is really what I'm passionate about. I like having a vision and making it realistic.

How did you come about photography?
I really used to take pics for fun and use ma phone & do mobile uploads with a liddle pizazz lol. But honestly I just woke up one morning and said "I want to take pictures." because I just felt that I have a different spin on things in my head + I was tired of criticizing people's work not knowing if I could do any better or not.

What inspires you?

I can't even answer that question with one answer. Anything inspires me. If I look at a balloon long enough I can think of different ways to shoot it or incorporate into something I wanna do.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years, I will most likely be pioneering some sort of great idea to fruition. If I don't have that fort of 
passion then, most likely I'll be dead inside.

Look out for more of Valón's work here on the blog. ++
Check out the Facebook page for Valón Thorpe Photography HERE


Remember if you're in Jamaica, VIVID : The Lights on October 22, 2011.

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