Sunday, October 9, 2011

In Need, Yes Indeed

The title does not lie. I am in NEED! Need of a new camera :(

I love taking pics, great way to document one's life. I thrive off of visuals so it just makes sense that I have a camera around at all times to capture whatever I see fit especially now that I'm in a new country.
Alas, my trusty lil camera has failed me. It is a Nikon point & shoot.. nothing fancy but it worked for me. Love the quality of pics from Nikons so thats what I run with.

In Jamaica this past May/June, a piece that holds the battery in place flew away. I didn't break it, I promise.
One minute I'm taking a pic & everything is jolly then next minure my lens is stuck and the camera is acting janky. I say the piece had enough of me & chucked the deuces.

Ever since then, I've had to press down on the battery for the camera to stay on or find an elastic band to hold it in place. Most times go down unsuccessfully to say the least.

A DSLR would be a nice replacement buttt I'm no professional photographer & those babies cost a lot of moolah that I am not sitting on. I did see a Nikon I like that is a faux-dslr lol.

The L120?

Yeah this.
Like the look & it got decent reviews. The price point isn't bad either so hopefully I can get one somehow. 
It was between that or the Coolpix P300.

Sigh, until we meet...


  1. Im ready when you are Cinni!!! Im soo sorry i didn’t get back to you sooner! I don’t know what my problem is smh. Tell me what i need to do. BTW this is Hi-imcurrentlyobsessed.

  2. Lol yay!!! Shoot me an email.. Its on my profile so I can email you the stuff