Friday, November 4, 2011

Candidly Speaking..

This edition of Candidly Speaking is with Heidi of  Methodical Madness.
Do enjoy =)

When & why did you decide to start blogging?
I started my Blogspot account back in 2009. I'm not entirely sure why. At the time, I felt like my 'status updates' via other social networks didn't really allow me to elaborate on thoughts that I had, so my blog entries became extended statuses. I started my Tumblr last year; which is when I started to drift away from Blogspot and exchanged the land of words, for pictures. I enjoy my Tumblr a lot; it keeps me on my creative toes when I go through uninspired droughts.

How has your blog affected you?
Sometimes it's felt like another task to keep up with, like hw. I began writing about controversial issues; politics, relationships--things that need a different type of articulation, in comparison to when I just wrote about miscellaneous thoughts and feelings. So in that sense, my blog has helped me improve my thought process; I'm more aware of how to construct an opinionated argument without sounding one-sided.

What do you hope to achieve with your blog?
This might sound strange, but nothing. When I write, it's for me. Things get trapped in my mind, I get stuck in my thoughts, and I have to let the words out. My Blogspot just plays the role as the place where I can dump all the mental madness. I've occasionally went through entries from months/years ago; but it's so awkward sometimes to re-read it. I get personal when I write, and I'm not always aware of how deep I get, so it almost feels a little embarrassing to see that I write it, and left there for the world to see. I'm proud of it, but reserved as well.

So how did you come about photography?
Around my freshman year of college, I just started talking pictures. My first and second year of college were the most anti-social years of my life; and I enjoyed them very much. I spent a lot of time getting to know myself, and a part of that involved photographing myself. Eventually, I wanted to photograph everything. Photography has become a significant piece of my life, now. I'm nowhere near my peak of potential, but I know I'm in the right direction, now. I starting shooting with Film this year, and I'll never look at digital the same. 

What inspires you?  
 Honestly, I inspire me now. I went through emotional phases of dependency on outside sources to inspire me to create, and during those periods, I was constantly overflowing with ideas. People close to me; family, friends, men. It worked, but the repercussions of depending on someone or having a muse meant I couldn't create without them. My mind turned blank in their absence, and I hated that. So I distanced myself. I flipped the switch on my solitude, and dug deeper into myself to find what makes me tick--artistically. The answer; me. My mind is madhouse; it never stops, and I'm always here. Capitalizing on my eccentricity is the fuel for my inspiration, and it never runs out.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
 In 5 years, I see myself abroad. I have no interest in staying in the States. I'll either be in Western Europe or the Middle East. My only demands for my immediate future are that I have a camera in hand, a studio, and I'm employed for some type of non-profit organization; restructuring communities, helping women, and at-risk youth.

So let's talk about hair.. are you natural and if so why did you go natural?
As I mentioned before, around my first year of college, I got in touch with who I was, and the woman I'm becoming. I realized around then, that my identity consisted of both my personality and my inherited culture. I have a serious appreciation for my race. Being Black is one of my favorite aspects of life. There was something inexplicably beautiful to me  about how we look; including how different our hair is. I wanted to embrace that characteristic I was given. Big fluffy hair is what I have, and what I'll wear.

4 words to describe your mane.
 Rude. Soft. Loud, and REAL.

Give us a lil bit about your hair regimen.
 I comb it every other day; about as often as I do twist-outs. And as of lately, since cold weather is approaching, I'll blow dry it into a fro. I'm slacking product-wise, but I don't feel too guilty because I trim it regularly.

5 things you're loving at the moment.
Agh... More so things that I'm loving always, than at the moment would be: my camera, Arabic, harem pants, sleepless nights & the black keys.

Candidly speaking.. (anything else you would like to add.. quote, mantra you live by etc)
I can't think of any additional commentary on the spot...but I'm always sure to have something to say via Twitter, lol. @Rosa_Sparks

All photography by Heidi.