Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Daily Fix of Hair

Today's fix is in video form due to my prancing about Youtube land.

Reggae Dancehall I love, yadda yadda... if you follow my blog you know this.. if you didn't know.. well yay you now know! =)

Know how one thing leads to another? Right so I've been clicking on videos that come on the side because well they're similar and interesting.. aaannnddd I happened upon Shisha.

Shisha is a dancehall queen from France who captured the European Dancehall Queen title.
The first reel of footage I watched of her dancing, I was blown. Girl got skills.
As I was watching it, I thought of how I used to dream about being a dancehall queen (circa late 90's) & how I've never really seen much natural hair on a dancehall queen.

Clicked on another vid on the side... SHISHA IS NATURAL!

I was surprised & slightly creeped out because I just thought about natural hair & dancehall. Happy though :)

The first video is with Shisha & another dancehall queen Aaxxia.
The second is the one I mentioned.

Enjoy =)


  1. No way! I totally wanted to be a dancehall queen as well. One day Jamaican will think of me when they think of dancehall... uhm or not.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. omggggggg , I LOVE SHISHA . I always look at her videos when I go on Youtube to listen to Punta Rock . She's one of the few dancehall queens that can dance almost effortlessly and she has fun with it too. She also teaches dance classes. Thx for sharing.

  3. Imaginary Dancehall Queens unite! lol
    Your welcome all...

    @Koty... never heard of Punta Rock until yu commented. Checked it.. twas good.