Saturday, November 20, 2010


I think I've just died a little inside and gone to a heaven only my mind knows.

So I've this little thing for a photographer by the name of Peter Dean Rickards. The man is genius with a camera and creates sheer art with it. No seriously, his work is amazing and the fact that he's Jamaican adds the final sprinkle to that lovely dessert.
If I ever got the time of the day to work with him, a chapter of life would be complete.

Then there's a model by the name of Nikia Phoenix who is just absolutely art herself. She's gorge to the tenth degree and she's natural, score!

So I just discovered that Mr. Rickards shot Nikia Phoenix. (sounds so wrong)
Ok. they worked together, how about that?

& wires dismantled inside me when I saw the pics. I'm slightly jealous of both of them.
Like how dare both you people who are great in your line of work meet up and combine forces...

This is a shot from his piece called 13 Faces of Nikia Phoenix<---check out the rest.

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