Friday, November 19, 2010

Real People Feature

This is a feature on real people, people who are real to me because I actually know them in some shape or form..not just in my head. I am one of those people who have friends in my head..I digress.

Meet Shonique. We went to high school in Jamaica together (Campion to di werl!)
Always snapping pics of herself with her trusty BB, she showcases her style to the masses via Facebook and now her very own blog that you can check out here

Enjoy =)

What do you go by?
Shonique. Shonz. Shon. Shon Shon. Shonii. Sho. Kim (don't ask lol) Empress. Shonii Minaj. Solo Dolo.

Your claim to fame?
My claim to fame? Currently that would be my blog. That's something I have done that I am proud of.

3 words to describe yourself.
Independent. Ambitious. Loving.

What do you want written on your tombstone?
"She did it her own way."

5 of your fave things at the moment.
-James Patterson Novels
-My Blog
-Royal Blue

Your motto for life?
"Act like a lady, think like a man."

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