Thursday, November 18, 2010

Woolf is Present

So I got Mrs. Dalloway from the library today, so excited about it. Read my post on the movie and possibilities of reading the book here. You see the nice illustrated covers of the book I featured....
Well the copy I checked out has neither.

That's what I have in my possession

I love it though. It has so much character. This copy was published in 1925 so imagine the many hands it has passed throughout the years. The stories those hands could tell, who knows what life scenarios were inspired or affected by this copy of the book.

Look at the color of the page. The book has that weathered look I so adore. 
I read a couple of pages before heading off to lunch with Munchkiin and the way she writes is similar to how I write. There are a lot of commas, I like the use of commas #dontjudgeme 
Also the way the character of Clarissa Dalloway thinks I can relate to. Probably not a good thing since Virginia Woolf was putting a piece of herself in the character, more specifically the bipolar aspect. 

I'll of course post when I'm finished with the book. Hopefully i get the time to properly get lost in its pages. For now, life must go on.

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