Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Long Time Gyal

I haven't posted in a bit. I blame the Thanksgiving break. I took an insane amount of rest these past couple days and I am so grateful for it. I feel absolutely rejuvenated and its the end of the semester. Wrong timing? Never that. I'm prepared to take my holiday head on =)

Onto a fave topic of mine. HAIR! I've become obsessed with hair ever since I decided to go natural and was in the transitioning process. My sister says I'm a hair nerd, tis fine cuz I'm an overall nerd. Since Christmas break is coming up, I was thinking of popping in some loc extensions. I love the look of locs but I don't like the permanent  factor that goes along with it. I'm sorry but I love me some big hair and I can't have that with locs but thank God its possible for me to rock them for a bit. Hopefully I get to do them and they turn out great *fingers crossed*

My other option is crochet braids. I'm a little weary on that because I've never put in hair before, I love being able to say its all my hair growing from the roots. No hating on weaves now, just isn't really my thing. I've never had a need for them but i do appreciate the versatility it brings. You can try out a hairstyle without committing to it like loc extensions. The crochet braids seem a little different to me, bt I feel like i will try them one day but for right now my heart wants locs!

I came across this blog while researching loc extensions and this chick's work is crazy good. It is called Black Masterpiece. Check it out here

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