Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Alo all!
I haven't posted in a lil. I've been a bit reclusive. Finally go to go home for one night over the weekend.
Was well needed. Spent some time with the Fam and gonna do it all over again come later yay!

I was watching Living Single yesterday and the episode with Eartha Kitt came on. If you don't know who that is, SHAME ON YOU! evidently you live under a huge rock deep deep deep under the Pacific Ocean. Mus!

She was a famous singer and actress known for her role as Catwoman. The role was purrrr-fect for her, she exuded this feline quality that was just so enamoring.
We related in this way lol. Anyways she was rocking turbans in the episode of Living Single and of course turbans seem to be a hit for this season. My prowling on the net, hardly anyone referenced this icon for turban wearing. She rocked them effortlessly!
Probably threw them on when she couldn't be bothered with popping on a wig or something. I don't blame her. I wrap my hair up when i can't be bothered to make it presentable to the world.

Trust, you'll be seeing more of her on this blog. Too wonderful!

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