Monday, November 15, 2010

Ting Ting

This is so random but Ting popped up in my mind & I suddenly have a craving for one with some bun and cheese.

 Ting??? Bun and Cheese??? What are these things you so speak of Cinni?

I'M A YAHDIE!! aka Jamaican & these, my uninformed friends, are a few delectable treats that you can find in my homeland =)

Ting is a grapefruit flavored carbonated beverage that is best enjoyed on a hot day.

I can't remember the first Ting I've had. I can tell you though it isn't my first drink of choice. I have to be in a mood to want it and enjoy it. I remember my mother always had a 2 liter bottle in the house when I used to live in Jamaica. I would hate when the only option I had was Ting. I didn't want to be forced with it, I want to make a choice!

I digress.
Its a lovely soda and all should try.
They also have a Pink Ting but I have yet to try that.

Odd really why I haven't seeing as how it isn't available in Jamaica (for some strange reason) I've only seen it in here in South Florida.

Ah! The craving of Ting came about because I thought of the catchy song that was in an ad for it.
I love Jamaican commercials.

ooohhh idea! I'm going to feature favorite commercials of mine. I already started with the Panda Cheese.
Here's the commercial, Enjoy =)

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