Sunday, November 14, 2010


That is what I am. A dreamer, big time. Some may find it a problem, I'm still on the fence about it. The things that go through my mind through the day and night is overwhelming but if made into a movie would provide much entertainment to the masses.
My dreams of lately have been awfully realistic. Not a big fan of that. A recurring theme has been happening and argh. That is my response to it. Argh. ARgh. ArGh. Yes, various forms of Argh.

I dislike dreaming about something that I know for a fact will not happen, well night dreaming. Day dreaming about it really not really because I control it and then I give myself a pep talk that "Hey, it won't happen!"  Sure, the impossible is possible but this impossible will stay impossible. I'm okay with that really I am but my sub-conscience isn't I'm guessing.
I'm sure eventually it will grip reality or maybe its giving me the sheer simple pleasure of dreaming.
We all have dreams and we want them to be reality most of the time. Sometimes we just like to dream because thats all it is. A dream. We like that it isn't real, we don't want it to be. So maybe thats what my mind is doing. I really do like the thought of what keeps happening in my dreams but I don't want it in reality. Too much complexities along with it.
Dreams make things simple. Reality adds the fine print.

The recurring theme? Maybe I'll post about it one day. Maybe.

My name is Cinni & I am a dreamer.

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