Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Whale Mail

Mid Afternoon to ya! Its such a beautiful day out in Miami. Sucks that I've been in class for most of it though but tis fine. I enjoyed the weather with one of my besties just sitting outside talking. 

After leaving class just now, i checked my mailbox. I'm expecting a package....sent by me :)
I love getting things in the mail and if someone won't do it, then why not me? I didn't see my package slip but i did see mail for my roommates. Made me feel a lil sad inside. Mind you, it was only a birthday card but nonetheless, I WANT MAIL!

Real mail. Snail mail. "Hey Mr, Postman" mail. We've lost all sense of personality in this technological age. Sending and receiving letters is a thing of the past, something that holds a sweet tidbit of this thing we call life. I have a friend by the name of Steffi who loves to send letters. She sent me one from Jamaica last year and i still have it in this little keepsake box of mine. I love little things like that. Letters are so sentimental, it doesn't even have to be 4 pages long. A postcard could even do.

My Daddy used to send my mother, sister & I letters when we were living in Jamaica and he was up here in the States. Sounds romantic and sweet right? Because it is!

Send a letter, postcard, Post-It by mail and make someone's day or even week.
Make it visually appealing too with creative stationery.

I'm going to go order some cute stationary and send a pal a letter.

Enjoy =)

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