Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Eve


I'm sitting under my dryer at 4:00 AM nowhere near dry so blogging i go!

I did have a post typed up on the eve of Halloween but that got scrapped.
I was basically going on that I'm not much of a Halloween type of gal & what not.
Feel no need to rant on about that so I've saved the internet from such dribble.

 I will share piccies because to me a picture really is worth a thousand words.
actually, pictures are more than a thousand words.

that just inspired me to write a thousand word essay on a sole photograph
& it will be posted here.

ah this is so much fun! writitng all this for no one yet hehe ;)

anyways enjoy =)

Halloween '07 as an Emo Faerie.
I thought I was hitting it tho!

This Halloween.
Fierce Leopard Safari Princess

Gotta love it.

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